Polish Producer, over 30 years of experience

We have been active on the market for over thirty years now. Thanks to constant development and usage of state-of-the-art technologies, we provide comprehensive, thoroughly manufactured and proven products that conform both to quality requirements as well as the financial capacities of the most demanding Customers in the argicultural market.

We operate globally and supply our products around the world.

We are particularly active in the following sectors:

  • construction and upgrade of warehousing and drying plants
  • comprehensive equipment for hog lots, spanning feeding, water provision, ventilation and maintenance
  • feed mill
  • comprehensive equipment for poultry farms
  • veterinary services


Each time our products are introduced to the market, they are subject to strict verification and quality control. The effective functioning and continuous improvement of the quality management system at POLNET is confirmed by the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate. The scope of certification covers all POLNET activities related to the Design and production of technical farm equipment and design and production of devices to collect, transport, dry, clean and store grain and other friable products. The ISO 9001 certificate is a guarantee that POLNET provides services and produces the highest quality products, aiming not only to satisfy the customer, but also to constantly improve the products.

See our ISO certificates

Since the year 1898, Polnet has been specialising in the production of machinery and equipment for agriculture spanning:


GRAIN and FEED SILOS – grain, feed and seed processing and storage

For over thirty years, it has been our mission to design, manufacture and supply modern equipment for drying, storage and transport of grain. We are the largest manufacturer of drying and storage plants in Poland. Customers expecting processional solutions spanning processing and storage may fully utilise Polnet silos both for small as well as large exclusively designed industrial solutions. The company POLnet offers containers for cereals, feed, square containers as well as equipment for the transport, cleaning and sorting of seeds, as well as drying systems.



Thanks to modern know-how, equipment and a highly qualified team, POLnet is one of the most experienced MANUFACTURERS of equipment for hog lots. We offer comprehensive equipment spanning feeding, provision of water, maintenance and ventilation. We are a leader in the manufacture of automatic feeding systems. Solutions for hog lots are designed so that they are functional, fail-safe and economical.

Feed mill

FEED MILL – High-quality crushers for feed and cereals

As an experienced, trustworthy manufacturer of agricultural equipment and machines, we offer high-quality cereal crushers. They are designed and built by qualified specialist engineers using state-of-the-art, efficient technological solutions. We manufacture all our machines with high precision using high-quality materials or components, in order for them to retain their usability and efficiency in the long term.


We are one of the largest companies dealing with the design, production and sale of high-quality products in the agricultural sector. We operate globally, supplying our products around the world: the EU, the RSA, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia, China, Oman, Taiwan, Columbia.

We have a modern production facility as well as a designer and constructor team. It is our innovative machine park and highly qualified personnel that in particular support the expansion of the company, and the usage of state-of-the-art technologies allows us to satisfy individual Customer needs.