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others air-sieve classifiers JCR
Product description
  • Designed for cleaning, grading and calibration of seeds (seeds for sowing, small and grass seeds)
  • Grading machine in dehulling, flakes and groats production lines, grain mills, etc.
  • Precise cleaning and grading, very effective separation of light impurities from the entire sieve area
  • Easy installation, commissioning and operation
  • Low energy consumption
Technical data
CapacityWheat – standard cleaningt/h1,0-2,04,0-6,0
Wheat – seedst/h0,4-1,01,0-3,0
Small seedst/h0,15-0,80,6-3,0
Wholemeal flourt/h0,2-0,40,4-0,8
Coarse semolinat/h0,4-1,00,8-2,0
Sieve aream21,22,8
Input powerkW0,70,7
Input power – air fankW4,07,5

Technical alterations reserved.

Functional diagram of the Air-sieve Classifier JCR

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