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Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej

Maintenance Systems

Chew toy feeder

  • Feeder for pellet or wood rollers
  • Proven, innovative feeder that allows animals to chew on wood, pellets, straw or alfalfa
  • Stable and durable construction made of stainless steel(1.4301 )
  • Inspection windows showing the level of consumption of the content
  • Adjustable height of the bottom slot (0-16cm) allowing for feeding various materials inside (wood / straw)
  • Easy to install at different heights and for different sizes of animals (for weaners, for finishers and for sows)
  • Increases animal welfare
  • It prevents aggression by responding to the natural play instinct, especially in young animals
  • It allows to keep the herd calm, which has a positive effect on the obtained production results