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Cutting of profiles, tubes and bars

Cutting of profiles, tubes and bars

Service description

We offer services in the field of large-scale cutting of metal materials with a PEGAS-GONDA band saw, model 290 x 290 X-CNC-1500-F with a total power of 2.2 kW.

Technical capabilities in the field of cutting services

pipes up to Ø 290 mm dla 45°
profiles 90° 320 mm x 290 mm
profiles 45° 240 mm x 150 mm
square profiles do 290mm
round bars do Ø 180 mm
square bars do 180 mm

This year, our machine park will also be expanded with an ANKOVO machine.

Laser for processing tubes and profiles


CNC laser cutting machine for processing profiles and pipes have automatic loading systems enabling full use of their capabilities. Fibre laser operate based on a set of diodes forming a laser beam. For transferring the laser beam to the cutting head an optical fibre is responsible for. This technology is characterised by ten times shorter wavelength of light compared to CO2 lasers. Thanks to this, we achieve better energy focus, which allows for much more efficient use, especially with reflective materials, e.g. stainless steel. The fibre laser thanks to the small focal diameter and high quality of the jet achieves high efficiency and high-quality side surface.

We ENSURE high quality of cut pieces with perfect quality of edges and surfaces with optimal use of raw material.