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Grain cleaning and sorting

Drum cleaners PCS 1204

Product description

The drum sieve cleaner is used for preliminary, proper and thorough cleaning and calibration of all types of cereals. The cleaner consists of two main elements, a cleaner and a drum with replaceable sieves. Cleaning consists in separating unwanted light impurities from seeds, such as dust, husks and chaff, in a separator.

Product features:

  • Drum-sieve cleaner, galvanized, drum drive
    – NORD® gear motor
  • Pre-cleaning performance:
    – for wheat grain with a moisture content of 15% - 120 t/h
  • Electric power installed: 12,8 kW
  • Maximum air consumption: 6 400 m3/h
  • Sieve surface: 15,0 m2


  • Dust cyclone with an air launcher
  • Electrically operated air flow regulator
  • Grain spreader
  • Cleaning drum aspiration
  • Adjusting the inclination of the cleaning drum with a screw gear (optional electric control)
  • Set of sieves: (4 sieves for one type of seed)
  Model PCS 1204
A 4180
B 2320
C 1400
D 5130
E 1920
F 500
G 420
H 4100
J 4600
K 2200

Technical data
Model PCS 1204
1)Efficiency [t/h] 120
Sieves area [m2] 15,00
Air capacity [m3/h] 6400
Number of sieves [pcs] 4
Drum motor power [kW] 4,0
Fan [kW] 7,5
Grain spreader [kW] 0,55/0,75*
Length [mm] 5200
Width [mm] 2200
Height [mm] 4500
Weight [kg] 3080

1) performance for wheat with a moisture content of 15% and a specific weight of  0,75 t/m3
* optional additional snail for pollution

Technical alterations reserved.