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Maintenance Systems

Farrowing crate P7

Product description

Perfect solution for the animals and for the farmer


  • More comfort for the sow, her better condition, faster recovery after farrowing, better condition for next pregnancy
  • Less stress for the sow, less aggression,
  • Short time of being trapped in a crate reduces piglet losses,
  • More space and freedom for the sow and piglets / more natural conditions
  • Better growth of piglets
  • Higher welfare for the sow and piglets
  • Animal friendly form


  • Easy access to all areas without necessity to step into the pen
  • Easy to open and close
  • Perfect insight to the pen
  • High workplace safety – all opening and fixing points are located away from the sow
  • Construction meet newest and highest EU standards of sow breeding
  • One crate enables you to keep the sow closed for the first period after farrowing and then to release her for better welfare
  • Solid construction made of hot dip galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel and acid proof feet for longer lasting usage
  • Precise size regulation adapted to genetics on your farm
  • Solid side bars to avoid piglet crushing


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