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feed cleaners in mill twin drum cleaner
Product description

The SKIOLD twin drum cleaner is designed for efficient cleaning separating both under- and oversized impurities from many different sorts of raw materials for animal feed e.g. wheat, barley, maize, peas, etc. The SKIOLD twin drum cleaner meets the still higher demands on eliminating dust emission due to its sealed design and preparation for an additional dust-filtering unit if required. The size of the first screen must be adapted to the materials to be cleaned, the required cleaning effect and capacity. As an all round solution to raw materials like barley, wheat and peas a Ø12mm first screen is recommended. The twin drum cleaner is equipped with a cleaning brush that ensures a constant cleaning of the second screen.

  • Sealed design minimizing dust emission
  • Efficient cleaning with two screens
  • Cleaning capacity up to 3200 kg/h
  • Optimized feed quality and economy
  • Easy connection to e.g. SKIOLD disc mills
  • Multiple screen sizes
  • Adjustable height
  • Optional "by pass"