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Conveying equipment tubular augers
Product description

SKIOLD 's range of tubular augers comprises two models, Ø102 and Ø152 mm, both in galvanized execution, which ensures long lifetime.

The tubular augers are suitable for transportation of grain, meal products, granulate, and pellets, with capacities from 1-60 m3/hour.

With center pipe and auger flights in heavy-duty metal thickness, the tubular augers are also suitable for use in plants with many operational hours.

With a wide range of accessories including different kinds of inlets, outlets, and connections, SKIOLD 's tubular augers are very flexible and applicable for any type of dosing.

The augers are supplied with direct gear motor drive solely with ATEX certified motors.

  • Suitable for use in modern plants with many operational hours
  • Capacities from 1 to 60 m³/hour
  • Suitable for grain, meal products, granulate, and pellets
  • Galvanized execution, which ensures long life time
  • A wide range of accessories
  • Exclusively supplied with direct gear motor drive with ATEX certified motors
  • Supplied worm gear motor and helical gear motor
  • ATEX certified motors