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Grain dryers

Portion work

Advantages of POLNET grain dryers
  • Grain dryers equipped with heat recovery from cooling unit
  • Grain dryerss fully insulated with sandwich panels 60 and 80 mm thick
  • Grain dryers devoid of thermal bridges – condensate does not emerge inside the device
  • Made of structural steel S350, galvanization Z350 g/m2
  • Grain dryerss have a high-pressure centrifugal fan
  • Suction fans are located at „0” level, which facilitates servicing and limits emission of pollution and noise
  • Grain dryerss are equipped with RIELLO burners
  • Grain dryers is equipped with SIEMENS automatic units
  • Grain dryers is equipped with unloading buffer, which does not require the unloading conveyor to work continuously
  • The device has a large loading buffer, which prevents loss of energy by sucking „left air”
  • Possible to install additional dust removal systems
  • Possible to install roof closure systems and dry incomplete portions in batchwise mode
  • Possible to prepare Grain dryers in any RAL color
Polnet dryers - portion work - gas lpg / gz50 + oil with exchanger
MODEL COVERING CAPACITY IN TONS BURNER POWER kW DAILY CAPACITY FOR WHEAT FROM 19% TO 15% DAILY CAPACITY FOR MAIZE FROM 30% TO 15% Total height of the dryer Total electric power MAX Column base field
SPO-8 8 350 76 32 6,3 9 2,0x4,0
SPO-10 10 600 117 51 7,5 9 2,0x4,0
SPO-13 13 800 137 65 8,7 18 2,0x4,0
SPO-17 17 1000 164 82 10,5 18 2,0x4,0
SPO-20 20 1150 184 97 11,7 27 2,0x4,0

* covering capacity has been defined for maize with a density of 780 kg / m3
* capacity for maize has been defined for the outside temperature of +1 degrees C and drying temperature of 110 degrees C
* efficiency for wheat is given for an outside temperature of 15 degrees C and a drying temperature of 95 degrees C.
* GZ50 natural gas consumption at 1.4 m3 / t% for maize
* consumption  of the LPG at the level of 1.9 l / t%
* consumption  of the fuel oil at the level of 1.4 l / t% for maize
* all parameters are given without the cooling process and with transporting devices of min. 30 t / h

The producer reserves the right to change the construction and parameters of the equipment on offer, eelative to the range presented on the website and catalogs.