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Grain transport

Bucket elevators

Product features

The Polnet Bucket elevators are designed for the vertical transport of all grains, seeds, granulated products and other loose materials with a maximum diameter 16 mm and a maximum moisture content of 25%. Bucket elevators are available in 3 sizes with high capacity conveying designed for high capacity conveying – up to 200 m3/h. Max length up to 30 m.

  • Made entirely of constructional galvanized steel
  • Wheel with rib bar
  • Self-cleaning foot equipped with movable bottom
  • High quality bearings, easy to maintain
  • Areas subject to abrasion are protected with hard-wearing lining
  • The elevator is bolted with galvanized screws with a hardness of 8.8
  • The NORD gear-motor is enclosed in a head cover to protect it from weather conditions
  • Properly profiled pulley prevents the belt from rubbing against the channel walls. A unique solution that causes the self-alignment of the belt on the wheel
  • Wide belt adjustment, allowing its precise tension
  • Robust and precise, laser–cut elements of the drive and tension wheel ensures long service life, failure-fee and low wearing of the belt
  • Optimal belt speed guarantees both gentle treatment of the grain and adequate ejection force during seed delivery.
  • Equipped with reliable STARCO steel buckets with high durability. The screws of the buckets eliminate the possibility of unscrewing any of bucket from the belt
  • Optional equipment with: motion detector, belt linearity sensor and foot overloading sensor, service platform and a support tower
Vertical bucket transporter
Model (1)Capacity
Processing output
Max total height
Belt speed
Outlet dimension
PPK 10 10 13 35 3,1 Ø 200
PPK 20 20 26 35 3,1 Ø 200
PPK 30 30 40 35 3,1 Ø 200
PPK 40 40 53 35 3,1 Ø 200
PPK 60 60 80 35 3,1 Ø 250
PPK 60 60 80 43 3,1 Ø 250
PPK 80 80 107 43 3,1 Ø 250
PPK 100 100 133 43 3,1 Ø 250
PPK 120 120 160 43 3,1 Ø 330
PPK 150 150 200 43 3,1 Ø 330


Technical data
  PPK 10/40
PPK 60/100
PPK 120/160
A* 892 966 1272
B 1167(-) 1686 2038
C 1167 1516 1688
D 927 1150 1617
E 202 202 252
F 204 274 370
G 1044 1016 1208
H 790 1090 1088
1 247 430 400
J 240 330 402
Reinforced channel
F 204 242 333
J 240 324 390

*max. dimension

The Producer reserves the right to make changes in the construction and parameters of the equipment on offer, relative to the range presented on the website and catalogs.

Modern solutions for agriculture

We offer modern, highly efficient bucket elevators for grain in many variants, which allow Customers the ability to choose a model corresponding to their needs. As a manufacturer we are able to control the entire production process – from design, through execution, up to delivery of the final device to the customer. We have implemented a rigorous quality policy, which allows us to introduce only products which exhibit high operating parameters, reliability and longevity into our offer. Before reaching customers, they undergo a series of tests to carefully inspect their functionality.

They are most frequently seen in grain warehouses, mills, feed and biomass mixing plants, and many other places where vertical material transport is required.

Durable and reliable grain transport equipment

Our bucket grain elevators are made from zinc plated steel. This means excellent resistance to mechanical damage, anti-corrosion properties and the ability to be used in extreme conditions. The transmission belt is resistant to stretching. The tables found on the subpage contain technical parameters of individual models, which will allow you to easily compare them to one another.

Our products feature a range of built in safety mechanisms, which minimizes the possibility of hazards to users. Bucket elevators do not generate noise, providing comfort of work for operators. The motor power of the equipment is adapted to the height to which materials are transported, making it possible to easily optimize exploitation costs.

The use of screw connections allows for fast and effortless equipment assembly. When the need arises to carry out an inspection, clean or repair a failure, the elevators can be disassembled extremely quickly.

We offer a wide selection of additional equipment which increases the functionality of bucket grain elevators.

Industrial elevator quality

For many years we have provided high quality solutions for industry, which is why we are easily able to adapt our equipment to the requirements of our Customers, as well as changing European Union directives. On demand we are able to execute bucket grain elevators able to operate in a high dust environment and in explosion hazard areas, in accordance with the ATEX standard.

A Customer may specify their requirements associated with non-standard elevator dimensions. In this case, we ass to send information to the appropriate department when placing an order.

Our devices are inexpensive in exploitation and very easy to operate. Before starting up the elevator, please familiarize yourself with the instructions included and during work follow the guidelines contained therein in order to avoid accidents. Any kinds of repairs and inspections should be carried out only by personnel with the appropriate qualifications.

We encourage you to download the elevator catalog found on the website.

Highest customer service standards

The modular construction of the bucket grain conveyors allows for their inclusion into any technological line. The self-cleaning base, small residual risk, efficiency at a level of up to 200 m³/h are only some of the advantages of our devices.

Every order is equally important to us – we guarantee timely and express execution. We are a manufacturer, therefore we are able to ensure fluidity of supply.

Please direct any requests for quotations or inquiries regarding non-standard and large orders or performance times at the telephone number available on the website or directly via e-mail. Our Customer Service consultants will provide you with information on the operation of elevators and will help you choose equipment with performance parameters adapted to the conditions in which they are intended to operate.

We look forward to working with entities from all over the country operating in the agricultural sector and other branches of industry.