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Grain cleaning and sorting

Indented Cylinders JCT

Product description
  • Used for separating impurities andadmixtures which has differentlength than grain
  • Easy adjustment at different grain variety
  • High capacity machine withcompact construction
  • Easy installation, commissioningand operation
  • Robust body with operational reliability
Technical data

Cylinder diameter: 400-700 mm
Cylinder length: 1000-4000 mm
Capacity: 1-16 t/hour (up to 48t/hour at parallel operation)

R – Round grain separating (broken grain, bedstraw)
L – Long grain separating (oat)
RL – combined round and long separating


  • 2 or 3 parallel cylinders
  • Pre-separating cylinder „Pyramid“
  • Different variant of re-separating cylinders including perforated sheet version

Technical alterations reserved.

Functional diagram of the Indented Cylinder JCT