New CI

The POLNET company will appear with a new, optimized visual presentation. We are not cutting ourselves off from the past, but changing for you. In accordance with our new Corporate Identity we will now put emphasis on the current primary color – red, in a well balanced combination with white and grey.

These changes do not encompass the well established POLNET logo, which has been used in its current form for over 30 years, which makes it easily recognizable and strongly rooted. 

The new visualization was presented for the first time during the Agrodays trade fair in Warsaw (14-15 October 2017). Changes related to the company’s new corporate identity are implemented gradually.

One of the most significant changes relates to the website, which will be launched shortly. It will be rebuilt from the ground up and feature a clearly built preview of our offer. Additionally, the site will also emphasize the scope of our activity.

Thanks to the new, clearly modified visualization of the POLNET company we have highlighted its profile and, simultaneously, are able to present the company as a leading player on the agricultural market in terms of innovation, highly focused on the future.