Opening of the base in Karolew 14.09.2017

On the 14th of September 2017 the official opening of the warehouse and drying base with a capacity of approx. 12,3 thousand tons

built by the Polnet company took place in Cielmice (Wielkopolska province). The facility was combined with the already existing base. The total capacity of all silos is currently approx. 20 thousand tons.

The ceremonial ribbon cutting was performed by Stanisław Szczebelski, president of the POLNET company, and principal of the investment, Dr. Krzysztof Kucharski, president of the Agricultural Enterprise Karolew Sp. z o.o. The event also featured Henryk Ordanik, former president and current management member of that company, who highlighted that such a comprehensive base has been planned for some time now, but each time the purchase of additional hectares of land was the highest priority.

As is highlighted by the Enterprise’s representatives, a solid warehouse and drying base allows to start off the harvest even at 18% moisture. This is of great importance, especially in case of such a large cultivation area. The Enterprise cultivates 1,5 thousand hectares of wheat and 700-800 hectares of rapeseed, which is why the harvest period is significantly extended.

As part of the investment, the POLNET company has executed a complete technological design of the entire investment, which encompassed:

  • flat bottom grain silos made from corrugated structural sheet metal, with a capacity of 2450 t (3 units) and 995 t (5 units), each silo equipped with a discharge screw for the grain,
  • a receipt bin with the possibility of rear and lateral unloading, 13 m in length and 3 m in width,
  • a heavy type driving grate on the receipt bin,
  • a chain conveyor for the receipt bin with a throughput of 150 t/h, featuring an inverter based throughput regulator,
  • a transfer-cascade extractor for initial cleaning, with a throughput of 150t/h,
  • industrial grade chain conveyors and bucket lifts with a throughput of 150 t/h,
  • We have also delivered an electrical cabinet with facility wiring and automated controls, including connection adaptation to the existing warehouse and drying base.