Pig Farm for 750 sows in Śląskowo

Comprehensive project - farm for 750 sows in Śląsków

Our next project. This time, a pig house for 750 sows in Śląskowo. This is our next comprehensive implementation in the field of nutrition, watering, maintenance and ventilation. Piggery in an open, weekly cycle. Technological group - 32 dungeons. According to forecasts, about 22 thousand zlotys will be produced annually. piglets.

The property consists of 3 buildings.

a) Piglet house - 8 chambers

b) Childbirth sector - 5 chambers with 32 positions

Here, there are 1.8 m x 2.6 m labor pens with plastic grate floors and heating mats for piglets. Under the dungeon there are iron grids. The modern suction system of the Asserva company deserves attention.

Mode of operation: Feed will be delivered to the delivery rooms with chain feeds to approx. 8-liter dispensers. Of these, it will be automatically dispensed to the sows, in 100-g doses according to the feeding curves. The whole is managed by a computer. Water is fed with the feed, so the sows have access to feed in the form of mush. In the case of not feeding, the sensors provide information and the system signals a problem in a particular pen, so that the staff will be able to immediately check the reason for the sow's appetite suppression.

c) Boar sector

d) Coverage sector

e) Sector sow sector with a separate sector for gilts There are 10 group kennels with 36 animals. Nutrition stations deserve attention here. In each pen there are two such devices that can handle up to 20 animals each. Dungeon sows will be fed here individually, according to the feeding curve.

Method of operation: After entering the dungeon, the station closes, identifies the sow after the chip and feeds in small doses of 100 g with water. After eating the feed, the dungeons will have to retreat to leave the station.