Pig farm for 780 sows near Sieradz

Our next project. This time, a pig house for 780 sows in the vicinity of Sieradz (Goszczanów commune, Czerniaków village). This is our comprehensive implementation in the field of nutrition, watering, maintenance and ventilation. The pig housing is 33 m wide and 132 m long, which gives 4126 sq m. The annual production of piglets is about 20 thousand pcs. The object has a mating sector, group kennels, a post-delivery sector, boar positions, as well as a piglet laundrette and a training section. All equipment is Polnet products (box automatic feeders, automatic feed feeders, feeders, troughs, nipples, birth yoke, group kennels, salon and shoulder dividers, concrete and plastic grates, Multifan fans, etc.).

We invite you to watch the movie and photos from the implementation.


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