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Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej


Air inlets

Product description
  • They provide air supply to every point of the animal's living space
  • Properly shaped dampers act as a guide for air streams entering the interior thanks to the vacuum created by the fan
  • Fresh cool air warms itself from the "old" air and mixes with it, improving the microclimate in the room
  • The automatic control adjusts the deflection of the flaps to ensure the balance of the air balance ejected by the fans
  • It is also possible to manually control the flaps
  • They are made entirely of polyurethane foam, reinforced inside with a steel mesh with a very good heat transfer coefficient
Technical Data
Type Capacity [m3/h] Dimensions of holes in the wall [cm]
ZWN 1500-1 1500 66x29
ZWN 1500-2 3000 66x55
ZWN 1500-3 4500 66x84
ZWN 3000 3000 39x86