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Chimney ventilation

Product description
  • Air inlets placed right next to the ceiling with the possibility of adjusting their opening gap.
  • The ventilation chimney is equipped with an inlet ring.
  • Chimney length - maximum as far as the conditions inside the pig farms allow.
  • Thanks to a special production method, the ventilation chimney for the pig farm is distinguished by excellent strength parameters. The diameter of the chimneys can be adjusted depending on the size of the fan and the roof structure. The ventilation chimneys for the piggery can have, for example, a roof or a rain cover. The installation of ventilation chimneys to pig farms usually requires the use of a chimney extension.
The main advantages of ventilation chimneys for pig farms
  • A durable product with a long service life requires no maintenance.
  • They are also available in an insulated version.
  • The simple design allows for quick installation of the chimney set.
  • High performance with low energy consumption.