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Maintenance Systems

Farrowing crate diagonal

Destination and design

Metal diagonal pen is designed for farrowing and breeding the piglets. It can be mounted in all types of piggery - individally or in sections with common side walls. Sows enter the box as usual 2 weeks before the farrowing and are kept in with piglets for 4-6 weeks. From the tenth day after farrowing the sides of crates can be temporarily disconnect to thereby enabling the sow to move in teh crate. After weaning period, crate is raised not to disturb the animals. Sow is introduced to the crate by removing back wall, and exit is possible also trough front gate. Farrowing box consists of: 4 dividers (one of them opens), two-part galvanized farrowing pen, trough and piglet box.

Benefits of using the farrowing crate

Farrowing crate ensures positive environmental conditions for animals. Crate's design is universal: piglets has an acces to sow's nipples irrespective of sow's size. Effectively protects the piglets against overwhelming by sow. Thank to using the farrowing crate, amount of weaned piglets is higher than in traditional breeding.