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Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej

Maintenance Systems

Keeping pigs requires from the owner of the breeding equipment of livestock buildings with professional equipment, thanks to which animals are provided with optimal living conditions. In order to separate animals from individual stands, various types of metal walls and partitions are used. We also offer easy-to-clean plastic walls and universal girder posts. The creation of the best living conditions for pigs is of particular importance in the case of breeding piglets, which is why the places intended for reproduction must be provided with labour cots.

The cots are equipped with yokes allowing sows to gain a comfortable resting position, and piglets have free access to nipples. Grids are placed on the floor, which help to maintain proper hygiene. In our offer we have childbirth yokes with straight sides and oblique and simple different angle, under which they are mounted to the wall. All yokes effectively protect piglets against crushing and positively affect their proper development.