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Fiberglass Cone Fans

Efficient solutions with high air volumes

With the extensive line of Multifan Fiberglass Cone Fans, Vostermans Ventilation offers a wide range of reliable and efficient fans. The various dimensions and motors allow an adequate solution for each ventilation demand. The aerodynamic fan design guarantees efficient ventilation with high air volumes. The 130 and 140 cm Fiberglass Cone Fans are optionally available with the Vplus technology.

Why choose this fan?
  • Materials resistant to extreme corrosive environments
  • Available in energy efficient IE2, IE3 and IE4 fan motors
  • Extreme durable fan with a long lifetime
  • Aerodynamic design for optimal performance
  • Complies with upcoming ErP energy regulation
  • 3-year warranty
  • Available range: 45, 63, 92, 130 and 140 cm
  • High level of air movement: up to 63.900 m3/h at 0 Pa
  • Pressure range up to 125 Pa
  • Water and dust resistant fan motor (IP55)
  • Belt drive for 130 and 140 cm fans
  • 3 blade impeller for high efficiency or high volume
  • 6 blade impeller for higher pressure applications
  • Agricultural: Pig, Poultry and Dairy
  • Horticulture: Greenhouse
Optional available
  • Shutters: Aluminum, PVC or PVC ECO.
  • Vplus technology for more energy savings
Save more energy with our Vplus technology

Our fans with Vplus technology are one of the most energy efficient fans available in the market. The permanent magnet technology and extreme durable fan drive can result in more than 85% energy savings. The Vplus fan enables a smooth and precise ventilation system to create a uniform climate. The Fiberglass Cone Fan Vplus ranks amongst the highest in airflow performance/efficiency and air flow ratio.

Why choose Vplus technology?
  • Our most efficient variable speed fan with substantial energy savings
  • Ranks amongst the highest in airflow performance/efficiency (Bess Lab)
  • Quick return on investment


  • Water and dust proof controller (IP65)
  • High efficiency: 16.0 Watt/1000 m3/h
  • LED indication for status codes
Technical data

Technical details depend on the fan diameter and specifications.

Dimensions and recommended wall opening (mm)
Diameter [mm]A01 [mm]A02 [mm]A03 [mm]A08 [mm]A09 [mm]A20 [mm]A22 [mm]A26* [mm]

* Minimum Fan center on center spacing

Diameter [cm]A [mm]B [mm]
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