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Maintenance Systems

Cots belong to structures that provide sows the opportunity to isolate themselves from other animals in the group. The sow itself locks and unlocks the cot at any time. It closes when the animal enters it and then opens it when it wants to leave it. The self-locking mechanism is a great solution for pregnant sows. It allows the sow to take feed in a stress-free way, without the risk of interference from other animals, and the weaker ones are allowed to be separated from the herd when the need arises. This favors lowering the level of aggression among sows compared to traditional breeding, which results in better production results and, moreover, plays an important role in the situation of combining sows from different herds into one group.

We offer self-locking cots in several versions - four, five and six-position models are available. The latter consists of seven compartments, six balance mechanisms with locks, six troughs and a set of connecting pipes. A great convenience is also the possibility of blocking the cot by the user, which ensures comfortable conditions for servicing animals. The use of self-locking cots is one of the best systems for maintaining sows. It allows combining the advantages of collective and individual farming, including differentiation of the amount of food allocated according to the needs of individual pieces. We cordially invite you to contact with breeders interested in implementing this type of solution.

We offer comprehensive equipment for livestock buildings, with a particular focus on the sector, whose task is to keep the sows and provide them with optimal living conditions. To separate individual feeding stands for loose and obliging sows, staying in group pens, we recommend galvanized metal barriers with a straight or oblique front. In order to provide the dungeons with the maximum sense of isolation, it is worth choosing living room dividers, which can be combined into larger groups and individually adapted to the size and shape of the room.

In our offer you can also find different types of birth yokes that increase the comfort and safety of sows and piglets, self-locking kennels and sow grids intended for them. We also recommend other elements for marking out breeding grounds, such a