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Infrared lamps for pig housing

Product description

Infrared lamps:

  • Best way to ensure appropriate warmth to newborn piglets, what increases their immunity and eliminates risk of infectious diseases
  • Well heated piglets are stronger and healthier: they better use the feed and grow faster
  • Infrared lamps consume upto 30 % less energy than conventional heaters
  • Thanks to strenghtened filament, they are more durable and shock resistant

High performance reflector:

  • Completely closed reflector emittes all the heat to the front, what reduces loss of energy around bulb, therefore effectiveness of infrared lamp is 30% higher in comparison to conventional heaters
  • In addition, it is not necessary to use external reflector

Resistant to weather conditions:

  • Bubble made of solid glass reduces cracking risk and increases productivity

Additionaly reinforced base:

  • No more loose base problem!

Reliability of infrared lamps has been demonstrated in several researches. Infrared lamps meet high safety standards. They can be used with most available holders.