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The advanced wet feeding system makes it possible to control the feeding process and facilitates food management. The solutions we propose have convenient software that allows you to regularly evaluate your chosen strategy. Choosing the right mechanism depends on your needs. The non-residue feeding system effectively reduces the amount of residue. It consists of mixing tanks that capture metal foreign bodies, as well as a safe and easy-to-use valve and an innovative Pigmix tool for the "nutrition to the will" option. We supply normative feeding systems that provide information about the amount of food left in the tank and pipes, as well as phase feeding systems based on 2 separate tanks to facilitate the preparation and administration of the appropriate recipe, we also prepared a pipe cleaning equipment. We invite you to choose easy-to-use systems that guarantee highly efficient wet feeding.

A modern wet feeding system requires the creation of a proper installation and the installation of the necessary equipment. For this purpose, you can opt for a simple to use, traditional installation of the wet feeding system, i.e. a system of normative nutrition with one tank. In this case, the food remains in the tubing between subsequent feedings. In the phase feeding system, however, there are two mixing tanks, which makes it possible to prepare fodder according to different recipes. The user also has a choice when it comes to the method of cleaning the pipelines - residual in them can push a new portion of the mixture or a stream of water. Another way is to use a probe separating feed from water.

People who want to introduce wet feeding in the pigsty can also choose a non-residue feeding system. It involves the use of leftover feed after feeding for the next feeding - for this purpose they are delivered to the appropriate container and weighed. The mixing tanks are equipped with an outlet valve, which significantly reduces the residual content, as well as a magnet, thanks to which contamination in the form of metal foreign bodies is caught from the food. In addition to liquid feeding tanks, you can choose a cleaning device that helps you keep the system in good condition. In addition, this method uses software to prepare the necessary mixes and control the silo. All people who want to reduce pollination in the pigsty or reduce the cost of nutrition are encouraged to read the details.