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Product description

Liquid feed for gestating, farrowing sows and fnishing pigs.

ASSERVA designs and produces automatic liquid feeding systems.

We propose a simple, effcient and evolutive liquid feeding system: MULTIFEEDER.

Use in all type of farms: in small farm, large site and in feed mill unit.

Soup preparation and distribution machines: Asserva provides a range of vats to meet your farm’s specifc needs: stainless steel, polyester and rotational moulded, to guarantee hygiene and feed quality. They are ftted with slow stainless steel mixer and variable gears that take into account the speed at which the vat is being flled.

We have had an automatic BEST TECHNICAL RESULTS soup machine since 1988. We carried out some improvements in 1992, 2000, and 2010 as the farm expanded. We kept the original system which had been expanded, and the updated computer systems. We made savings by investing. Five years ago, when the cost of feed went up, we chose damp corn prefabrication because we had the silos and storage facilities.

This was also part of why we wanted to lower our production costs. Effcient technical facilities mean optimised farms, focusing on what matters, and saving time to observe and analyse.

  • Distribution
    Liquid feed distrubtion in rooms with probe in option
  • Evolutive
    Evolutive feeding plan available and meal separation system
  • Vats
    Several type of vats available (stainless steel, fberglass or rotomolded)
  • Sanitary
    Clean system to keep high sanitary conditions
  • Adapted
    The liquid feeding system adapts to the pig needs
  • Control
    Network connection available remote control & data transfer
Gestating sows control
  • Storage and feed collector
    Feed collector auger transporting feed to soup machine : A collector auger is used to transfer feed to soup machine. A single point of output for feed makes it easier to wash and improves hygiene.
  • Soup distribution machine
    To manage issues arising from the distance between different farm buildings, a preparatory vat can be connected to another vat that is used solely to distribute feed.
  • Meals distribution
    The menu separation vat is used to distribute different kinds of feed using the same pipe, without mixing them. Water meals can be distributed when the machine is not in use.
  • Control station
    All of the machines can be connected to a network and allow to data transfer with tablets or smartphones.
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