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Multiphase feed system

Multiphase distribution system in post-weaning phase.

Mechanical or pneumatic, with or without mix, for the dry or moist feed, multiphase dry feed concept can adapt to different needs of distribution and different pattern of your farm.

The goal is to boost the growth performances and consumption’s index of your animals, with optimization of feeding costs.

To sum it up, each feeder have one feed quantity, defined and weighed in accordance with the feeding plan. The system prepares and personalizes the daily portion at the crate in one or more meals. To do this, two tanks are installed with the multiphase system. The First tank weighs (+ option : mixing) and the second tank distributes. This process allows to prepare the portions in hidden time compared to distribution and thus to save time. The distribution can be make in two ways : mechanical or pneumatic, feed type (dry or wet) and your needs.

  • Distribution
    Weighted and calibrated distribution at the crate 
  • Manage
    Effective management of “multiphase” feeding plan
  • Progressive
    Scalable feeding
  • Precision
    Quantities which oscillate between 10 to 50 kg per preparation
  • Performance
    Daily portions can be sequenced in several meals
  • Faciliy
    Adaptable to all types of farm buildings
Control & performance

For farmer’s convenience

With optimat multiphase solution, the farmer manages with accuracy the quantities and the portions distributed. Thanks to this automatic system, he saves time and money. He can easily and automatically pass of a first age feed to a second age feed.

For animal’s welfare

The distribution developed at the crate and organized into different meals bring the daily feed energy and stimulate the consumption with fresh portions. It allow to make transition periods. It encourages the growth and reduces digestive problems.