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Pathologies detection system

Individual record of water & feed consumption and the growth.

Pig-insight is the first predictive and individual method of pathology detection for piglets and fattening pigs.

Pig-insight is a precision livestock farming technology for piglets and fattening pigs. Each pigs is recognized by its chip and fed as per its feeding curve. By watching and adjusting the consumption of feed and water per animal, Pig-insight is the first individual predictive method of apparition of pathologies.

It allows, first to reduce the veterinary costs, but also to improve sanitary conditions and thus boost the technical performances of the animals. Pig-insight is a precision feeding system: It avoids competition between pigs at the troughs, by giving a feed that meets the requirements of each animals, in terms of quantity and quality. The result is more homogeneous batch, with a better muscle percentage. It also authorizes a better traceability in the meat production process.

  • Optimized
    Consumption of feed and water controlled for each pig
  • Innovative
    Predictive method of appearance and development of pathologies
  • Economical
    Significant reduction of veterinary costs
  • Traceability
    Traceability of feed and medication
  • Rewarding
    Optimization of meat valorisation
Control & performance
  • Pathologies detection
    Pig-Insight offers a new predictive and individual way of detecting the appearance of pathologies, to encourage when it is possible a treatment by injection or with oral paste. Improve the technical performances of the animals and reduce the losses.
  • Individual control of feeding and watering consumption
    An individual monitoring of the animal’s consumption helps to control the splitting and the feed quantity distributed over the day, while maintaining and ad libitum distribution. Pig-Insight allow to optimize the most important expense item during the postweaning phase.
  • Database allow a complete animals traceability
    The Pig-Insight database contrains all the treatments done per animal. Meat of large number of animals can be guaranteed without antibiotics and even without any treatment, thanks to a traceability sheet.
Future prospects

Pig-Insight is the forerunner of a new evolution of the breeding sector : the feeding individualization will allow breeders to produce pig lots according to market and slaughterhouse needs. Moreover, the total traceabilty in the farm is the first link to guarantee a final product without any medicated treatment, without requiring the breeders to work at 100% without antibiotics, thanks to the traceability sheet. Pigs in question will have a better valorization.