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Piglet roofs made of PE board

Product description

Piglet roofs are used in farrowing pens and rearing rooms. They are an excellent complement to the heating system: they increase its efficiency, optimize energy use, and reduce the influence of the heat source on the temperature of the entire room. They can be used both with floor panels and with suspended radiators. We offer rectangular and triangular roofs. Roofs can be made of PE, metal or plastic. It is possible to lift the front part of the roof to monitor the piglets. There is a hole in the rear part of the roof where a heating lamp can be installed or, when the lamp is no longer needed, a closing cover.

We also offer roofs for weaners. 

  • the roofs have a foil diaphragm, which maintains the heat
  • the dimensions of the roofs are adapted to the dimensions of electric or water heating mats
  • the roofs have an opening for the irradiator, which is closed after removing the irradiator