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Maintenance Systems

Self blocking farrowing crate for sows

Product description
  • Multiposition box allows to separate individual positions for pregnant sows in group breeding
  • It enables to isolate particular sows from others at any times, according to specific demands
  • Blocking and unblocking the crates is adjusted by animals themselves
  • It is also possible to block all the crates by staff
  • We offer boxes with 4, 5 and 6 positions
  • The most recommended is 6-positions box, consisting of 7 dividers, 6 balance systems with blockade, set of connecting pipes and 6 troughs
  • One of connecting pipes can be used to supplying the water to each position, to nipples
  • Individual feeding position for each sow in group and isolating them from other animals allows to get appropriate feed ration - easily and without stress
  • Sows are less agressive than in traditional breeding - weaker animals can be isolated from the rest of group, according to individual demands
  • Thanks to using the self-blocking crate, production results can be highly improved