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Maintenance Systems


Sorting station for pigs

Effective solution to manage fattening pigs in large group.

Designed to manage fattening pigs in large groups, the Ordisat concept enables a differentiated feed and improves the animal sorting. The station will send the animal to the right feeding space (dry or wet ) according to their weight (growers and fnishers). At the end of the batch, Ordisat automatically sorts the pigs that reached the weight requirements defned by slaughterhouse.

  • Control
    Sorts Automatically the animal’s ready for slaughterhouse
  • Performance
    No more manual sorting, saving times
  • Time
    Savings on time and labour (wash rooms)
  • Suitable
    Savings building area 7 to 5% vs Traditional. (Streamline of living space)
  • Efficiency
    Daily growth monitoring
  • Management
    Increased and centralized surveillance of animal growth
Technical data
  • Cage weighed and arch of entry to limit access
  • Weighing system on the top of ordisat concept (convenient access)
  • Adjustable anti-return gates and anti-sleeping bar


Comparative table

Example for 4000 fattening places Cleaning time Selection time Control time
Traditional system 8 h 4 h 10 h
Ordisat System 3 h 1 h 5 h
Save time 5 h per week
save more than 50%
3 h per week
save more than 70%
5 h per week
save more than 50%