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Sow Meal Control

For sow in individual crate

Effcient & clever individual feeding system.

The Sow meal contol “ SMC” smart dispenser was created to increase the sow’s feed intake during Insemination, Gestation and Farrowing time. With the smart Stirrer system connected, the SMC dispenser allows to follow individually the feed consumption per sow.

The SMC smart dispenser allows to the farmer to indicate the maximum feed quantity available according to each sow. With the smart stirrer system, the sow can request the feed by itself according to its rythm. Directly connected to the smartphone with ASSERVA app, all the management and consumption historics can be confgurable and available for consultation in front of the sows or remotely.

In option: The SMC smart dispenser can be equipped with an unique patented system to improve the feed drop (Meal, flour). The SMC smart dispenser can be install to distribute 2 typ of feeds.

  • Increase the feed intake of the sows
  • Improve the effciency of the sow (fertility, piglets weight, longer sow life...)
  • Independant system without any Wif system needs
  • Centralization available to manage the system via PC
  • Ad libitum consumption of the sow
  • 50% cheaper than current systems
  • Simple system adapted to animals
  • Evolutionary system
  • Control
    Checking of the feed distribution per each sow.
  • Easy
    Easy to install and easy to use in any typ of existing crates.
  • Feeding
    Control the feed distribution according to the sow needs.
  • Long life
    Increase the body conditions of the sow.
  • Performance
    Make better the piglet number and the piglet weight.
  • Connectivity
    Centralization of the data and the control avalaible. Compatible to use with the Big data management softwares.
Efficient & clever individual feeding system for sows
  • System using nfc technology
  • Screw dosing for flour and granules with flow control system
  • Probe for distribution management