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Straw baskets

Product description

An important element of the welfare of pigs is, inter alia, preventing aggression in group-bred animals. Additional activities allow you to keep the herd calm and have a positive effect on the obtained production results. According to the requirements, pigs kept in the pen should have free access to feed, water and materials that absorb the animals' attention.

This means the need to create such conditions for rearing pigs that meet both basic biological needs and those related to their natural behavior (e.g. burrowing, building a nest, staying in a group). All pigs should have permanent access to "handling material" which may not also constitute a hazard to them. The material that absorbs the attention of animals kept in groups may be, for example, long straw bedding.

Straw baskets are perfect for this.

Intended mainly for pregnant sows, in food as filling (fiber), but also as an additional occupation and limiting aggression, providing material for "burrowing".

They are also used in fattening houses - mainly to provide material for activity - play and thus reduce stress.

Straw baskets are made of galvanized steel, thanks to which they are durable and resistant to corrosion.

The baskets can be mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling (structural elements).

Available in a variety of sizes.