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Maintenance Systems

System for removing manure from piggery

Product description
  • Tanks adapted to the storage of slurry and liquid manure, liquid waste, water, etc.
  • Sizes from 370 m3 to 1246 m3
  • Steel structure covered with a special, polyethylene-reinforced HSPO foil resistant to organic substances, chemicals and UV rays
  • Foil with a thickness of 800 g / m3
  • The unloading station is equipped with a PCV cover, located centrally on the bottom of the tank
  • Rotating stainless steel spray head (controlled from the top of the tank)
Types of tanks
  • Slurry and liquid manure tanks
  • Reinforced concrete tanks
  • Steel tanks
  • Biogas tanks
PVC valves-gate valves
  • Intended use - in particular for slurry and liquid manure pumping systems, processing industry, biogas plants, sewage management, fish farming.
  • Adapted to be connected to typical PVC sewage or pressure pipes. On request, we can prepare flange connections.
  • Construction - housing made of PVC, metal parts made of acid-proof steel, chemically inert rubber gasket.
  • Control - the valve design allows for the use of various control systems: tie rod, lever, spindle, pneumatic actuator, electric motor.
Technical data
Diameters [mm]: Max pressure [bar]:
Ø 110  
Ø 125 SV-N at 20˚C (2 atm.)
Ø 160 CV 4,0 at 20˚C (4 atm.)
Ø 200 SV 8,0 at 20˚C (8 atm.)
Ø 250  
Ø 315  
Ø 400 / only SV and SV-N /