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Polnet specializes in the production and sale of pigpen equipment. In our offer you will find, among others, functional feed machines designed for installation in pigs' cots. The Tubo fodder machines available for sale, depending on the variant of the feeder, are used for feeding pigs from 20 to 120 kg as well as weaners weighing from 10 to 45 kg. Trumpet machines are used for feeding "mushy". They work well in pigpens equipped with automatic feed feeders as well as in facilities where a manual hopper is used.

Tubo feed machines are characterized by excellent utility parameters. They are equipped with stable, durable troughs made of polymer concrete or acid resistant steel, which provide animals with a convenient approach and are easy to keep clean. By using the hinged lid, the feed is protected against contamination. A modern lever mechanism equipped with an ergonomic steel handle allows you to regulate the amount of spilled feed, carefully designed disc ensures the possibility of precise dosing of feed and prevents the automatic change of settings in the event that the animals are feeding. Thanks to the variety of shapes and dumping mechanisms, a feeder adapted to the conditions of a given farm can be easily chosen. We offer both individual Tubo feeders as well as double machines designed for handling many animals. We invite you to take advantage of the offer.