ESF feeding
  • The station is made of galvanized sheet steel
  • Effective control of sow feed (no feed intake triggers an alarm)
  • Controlled feeding of each sow
  • Automatic dosing of vitamins and minerals
  • Lack of feed waste
  • The feeding station is adjustable from 42 to 47 cm with easy access, which makes it possible to adapt to the needs of sows in every farm
  • A feed table that meets the strictest hygienic standards
  • The possibility of unobstructed observation of the sow staying at the feeding station, as well as feeding at the feed table
  • No sharp edges and angles, so that the sow can easily enter the feeding station without the risk of injury
  • Controlled by means of compressed air rear gates and access to the feed table
  • Built-in rinsing system for the feed table
  • It is possible to separate drugs, separate from the rest of the pig, install color spray, and detect the heat of sows
  • Complete and easy to use computer software