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Winterwarm DXC 80 Heater
Product description

DXC 80 heater especially developed for application in poultry houses. The  technology is based on a heating concept that has already been succesfully applied in the industrial market for several years now.

The DXC is an indirect fired heater (80 kW) with a closed combustion system: heating according to this concept means no CO2 and no watervapor in the house. This has 2 important effects: a decrease of the energy consumption as less ventilation air is required, and an increase of the output per growth cycle because of lower sickness- and mortality rates caused by a dryer environment. Calculations show that even up to 25% on energycosts can be saved!

When engineering the DXC it has been taken into account that the circumstances in a poultry house are severe; a heater has to withstand the aggressive environment as well as many cleaning turns. Therefore, the housing is completely made of stainless steel, the heatexchanger is easy accessible through 3 panels for cleaning, and the control chamber is splashproof. The burner process is very stable as outside air is used for the burningprocess. Therefore, the heater is less sensitive to failures.

Characteristics DXC
  • Robust tubular heatexchanger
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Closed combustion circuit = no combustion gasses in the house
  • Combustion air taken from outside through a flexible duct system
  • Zero % CO2 = less ventilation = less energy = less costs 
  • Capacity: 80 kW
  • Low sound level
  • Extensive control possibilities
  • Reliable, well proven technology
  • CE-approved
  • Easy to clean and to service
DescriptionUnitDXC 80
Nominal heat inputkW83
Nominal heat outputkW76
Efficiency maximum power%91,5%
Air outputm3/h8000
Electrical capacityW900
Power consumptionA3,9
Net frequencyHz50
Sound leveldBa68
Max. gas consumption G25m3/h9,9
Max. gas consumption G20m3/h8,8
Max. gas consumption G31m3/h6,6
Gas connectionG"3/4
Flue diametersmm130