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Winterwarm DXA/B Heater
Product description

The DX Heater is a durable and efficient direct fired heater on gas or oil, based on a well-known heating concept. These heaters are mainly applied in poultry houses and greenhouses.. The demand within the agricultural market was reason for Winterwarm to design and engineer such a heater.

A correct temperature and an even air distribution are important factors for the growing environment in both poultry and horticulture. The DX-series is especially designed to control these factors optimally. The large flow capacity (6000 - 7000 m3/h) and the special round shape of the heater ensure an optimum air distribution.

The heater is provided with the latest technology for optimum control. The PCB control board and associated components are placed in a spray-proof box. The DXA/B heaters have a guaranteed efficiency of 100%, a clean and complete combustion with a low energy consumption.

The DXA and DXB  heater are available in 3 capacities:

  • for HBO or  parrafin: DXB 75 - DXB 100 - DXB 120  
  • for natural gas (G20 or G25) , buthane or propane : DXA 75 - DXA 100 - DXA 120.

DescriptionUnitDXA 75DXA 100DXA 120DXB 75DXB 100DXB 120
Nominal heat input/output max.kW7510012075100120
Air outputm3/h600060007000500060007000
Electrical capacityW5505508007009001000
Power consumptionA2.
Required main frequency*Hz505050505050
Sound leveldBa797981797979
Nom. gas consumption G25m3/h8.911.814.2---
Nom. gas consumption G20m3/h7.910.512.6---
Nom. gas consumption G31m3/h5.97.99.5---
Nom. consumption parafinl/h - kg/h---7.5 - 6.410.1 - 8.312.1 - 9.7
Nom. consumption diesell/h - kg/h---7.5 - 6.49.8 - 8.311.7 - 10.0
Diamension oil connectionmm---666
* Available upon request for 60 Hz