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LED lighting Broiler LED light
Product detail
  • Order number: HT-T12AC25W12FS HT-T12AC30W15FS HT-T12AC35W18FS
  • Order detail: T12-1200mm/1500mm/1800mm-23-35W-5000K-Milky cover/Clear Cover-Dimmable-Waterproof IP67-180-260Vac-Flicker free-180degree- Two color switchable LED broiler light
  • Chicken lamp LED poultry light in China manufacturer for LED tube.
  • T12 LED tube chicken farm lighting is mainly used in chicken farm, carpacking, pig houses, hen house, Poultry farm.
  • Waterproof LED tube make in full PC pipe with silicone ring. Resistant to some cleaning chemicals
  • Dimmable LED tube 0-100% to simulate sunrise and sunset.
  • Flickering Free LED chicken light with PWM 0Hz output, As the chickens can be visible the lights lower than 205Hz (means 205 frame / per second).
  • LED Broiler light is certificated by SAA, CE, ROHS, IP67.
Order No.PowerLED driverDimDimensionColorCoverBeam AngleCertificationWarranty
HT-T12AC25W12FS (5000K-A18-Milky cover)23-35WDimmable, 180-260Vac, 0Hz, Flicker freeDimming from 0-100%, Lighting brightness from 1 to 100%T12 tube, OD32mm, Length 1200mm/1500mm/1800mm4700-5300KClear cover/Transparent cover180 degreeSAA, CE, ROHS, IP673 years
Different light color for different chickens

Why 5000K and Full spectrum is the best color temperature for broilers?

Why 2600K and Full spectrum is the best color temperature for Layer?

Why Hontech-wins need to design full spectrum for all chickens?

As chicken see more of the visible light spectrum than human, the poultry lighting spectrum should be different from the commercial lighting.

The Poultry light is composed of red, blue and green color in one light, which can help chickens grow healthy and induce feed conversion to egg or meat.

  • Blue color decreases movement when catching the chicken ,make it not frightened then improve the quality of chicken meat.
  • Red color increase food intake, reduces the feather pecking of chick
  • Green Color increases growth rate at an early age by enhancing proliferation of skeletal muscle satellite cells.

This light spectrum is Hontech-wins specially designed for broilers. Hontech LED chips 2600K/5000K/Full spectrum producing by combining a blue LED with red and green phosphors.