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Air inlets Flash 3300
Product description

The Flash 3300 is made of high quality plastics, completely sectional and well insulated with 22 mm XPS.

The Flash steers the incoming fresh air before it enters the building. The air gets its direction through adjustable spoilers. The amount of air is regulated with a vertically moving slide. Steering and amount of air are seperated.

Because of this completely flexible steering the Flash is ideal for situations where high demands on the air control should be imposed e.g.:

  • houses wider than 20 meter
  • obstacles in the air way like construction bars
  • no air through nests
Technical data

Pay attention!

The position of the spoilers has a big impact on the capacity of the air inlet. The picture below illustrates this for the Flash 3300. Therefore Tulderhof advices to calculate with 10 Pa under pressure.

Spoilers normalSpoilers upSpoilers extreme
Surface – 1,570 cm2Surface – 1,480 cm2Surface – 1,150 cm2
10 Pa – 2,400 m3/h10 Pa – 2,100 m3/h10 Pa – 1,750 m3/h
20 Pa – 3,300 m3/h20 Pa – 3,000 m3/h20 Pa – 2,450 m3/h
30 Pa – 4,100 m3/h30 Pa – 3,650 m3/h30 Pa – 3,000 m3/h
Sample dimensions
TypeFlash 3300
10 Pa – m3/h2,400
20 Pa – m3/h3,300
30 Pa – m3/h4,100
Surface cm21,570
Width – mm580
Height – mm390
Depth – mm60

The numbers mentioned above are valid when the spoilers are in the “normal’ position. These sizes are examples; if you need another size please contact us. The F-3300 is made of plastic and has a standard size. All other Flashes are made of the highest quality plywood and therefore available in every size.

Installation size

The Flash 3300 has:

  • a completely insulated slide with 22 mm XPS
  • an option to make the slide spring-closed
  • an option to make the slide of transparent polycarbonate
  • standard a flange of 40 mm
  • a very easy mounting, with a standard place for the roll