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Controllers FarmConnect - remote access via the Internet
Stienen BE’s Cloud Computing system

You can access your farm data from anywhere in the world by means of the IP-485 gateway. All management information from the process computers is stored in the cloud at the data centre. You can use an SSL-protected web browser to logon to the cloud and access your farm data. This data, which may concern different locations, is centralised to give you a comprehensive overview. Customer-specific user screens ensure rapid and easy implementation of the new system. FarmConnect lets you control your farm without any problems, wherever you may be.

  • Connected to your company all over the world
  • Connection via an SSL-protected web browser
  • No local software needed
  • Central data storage and back-up of several locations
  • Several user levels
  • Customer-specific user screens
  • Remote Service Support
  • Protected communication with Stienen computers
Technical specifications


PC-485 / Moxa:

  • SSL-protected web browser connection
  • Perfect communication with Stienen climate computers and the data centre
  • Free from viruses
  • New controllers can be easily connected to the existing PC-485 / Moxa


  • No local software needed
  • Connection via every medium that supports a web browser
  • Access and control your farm data, from anywhere in the world
  • Customer-specific user screens
  • Several user levels
  • Remote Service Support