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Controllers PL-9000
Product features

The complete poultry house computer for your poultry farm

  • Controls all vital processes, such as climate, feed, water, light, counting and timer functions
  • Suitable for two climate zonesUnused functions are not displayed
  • Can be adjusted exactly to your farm conditions
  • Large graphic display for a complete overview of your housing unit
  • Quick and easy to set
  • Protected communication with FarmConnect
Product description

The PL-9000 controls virtually all vital processes on your poultry farm

This poultry computer is ideal for a house with two climate zones. It automatically monitors and controls ventilation, heating, lighting, relative humidity and CO2, to guarantee an optimum climate in the poultry house. The pre-programmed growth curves enable the climate to grow along with your animals. The large graphic display gives you a full overview of your house at a single glance. The PL-9000 is easy to operate using pushbuttons, and because unused functions are not displayed, the control system is kept quite uncomplicated and easy to read.