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Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej
Controllers PL-9200
Product features

The heart of your poultry farm

  • Management computer: controls all vital processes such as climate, feed, water, light, weighing, counting and timer functions
  • Unused functions are not displayed
  • Can be adjusted exactly to your farm conditions
  • Modular, so can be expanded at any time
  • Large graphic display for a complete overview of your housing unit
  • Quick and easy to set
  • Protected communication with FarmConnect
Product description

The PL-9200 controls all vital processes on your farm

This management computer is the heart of your poultry farm. It automatically controls, monitors and manages all vital processes in your house, such as ventilation,heating, lighting, relative humidity and CO2. The PL-9200 offers a wide range of growth curves, enabling the climate in the house to grow along with your animals. The large graphic display gives you a full overview of your house at a single glance. The PL-9200 is easy to operate using the function keys. Because unused functions are not displayed, the control system is kept easy and transparent.

Technical specifications


  • 230Vac - 50/60Hz supply voltage
  • 55VA load
  • protection category: IP-54
  • dimensions: 360 x 320 x 155mm


  • 10 temperature sensors
  • 5 pulse inputs for counters, measuring fans, etc.
  • 4 inputs 0-10Vdc for RH sensor, pressure sensor, etc.


  • 7 relay outputs 230Vac/2A
  • 8 outputs 0-10Vdc
  • 1 power supply 24Vdc/80mA for 1 AQC unit
  • 1 power supply 12Vdc/15mA for measuring fans
  • 1 error contact 24Vdc/2A


  • communication via RS-485 PCB
  • 3 module-bus connections for communication with external modules
  • 1 FN bus connection

FarmConnect is Stienen BE’s innovative Cloud Computing system. You can access your farm data from anywhere in the world by means of the IP-485 gateway. All management information from the process computers is stored in the cloud via the data centre. You can use an SLL-protected web browser to log on and all data, which may concern different locations, is centralised to give a comprehensive overview. FarmConnect keeps you ‘connected’ to your farm, wherever you may be.

Stienen egg counting

Having an insight into your egg production is vital. Continuity as regards the production performance means that your animals are doing well. The PEC9200 enables you to closely monitor this process. The PEC-9200 has a maximum of 10 tiers, 24 rows and 240 counters.

Stienen feed and silo weighing

Feed costs are an important factor for your company. Adding feed weighing to your PL-9200 lets you control these costs to a very accurate degree, with the PL9200 then functioning as an operating and information panel for your feed or silo weigher.

Stienen animal weighing system

Stienen BE’s animal weighing system lets you accurately monitor your animals’ growth performance. The data is converted to relevant reference figures such as average weight, increased weight, standard weight and uniformity. The PL-9200 management computer shows accurate composite graphs on a transparent display offering a clear insight into your animals’ health.