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Square silos

The Polnet company’s offer is based on modern silos used in breeding and agricultural farms. We offer you square shaped silos which are optimal for storing grains, seeds, leguminous plants and other loose materials.

The construction of these containers allows them to be used as transit silos. Their purpose is to quickly transfer grain to any means of transport.

Guaranteed reliability

Square silos are made from zinc plated sheet metal with a resistance of 350 MPa. It ensures structural durability. On the other hand incorporated zinc plating is 350 g/m2, which enables long-term, intense exploitation of the silos. Simultaneously, it protects against unfavorable weather conditions, corrosion and temperature fluctuations. Even after 6 years of use, the square silos can be expected to maintain their original structure and appearance.

The loose material silo legs are constructed from zinc plated forged profiles, which ensure the appropriate stability.

Transit silos are quipped with an unloading funnel at an angle of 45° and 60°. We provide many different models which differ according to their maximum capacity (from 1,11/1,36 to 37,12/45,68 tons depending on the weight of the loose material), volume (from 1,7 to 57,1 m³) and discharge dimensions (two options: 200x200 and 440x400 mm).

Facilitated expansion

Thanks to their modular construction, square silos may be freely expanded and upgraded by attaching additional accessories. Screw connections also facilitate installation.

Transit silo upgrades include:

– sight glasses

– samplers

– filters on air vents

– feed filling pipes 

and many more. They significantly improve the functionality of the square silos. Available elements can be installed at the customers’ request. More information regarding additional options can be found on other subpages of our website.

We encourage you to contact us via telephone or e-mail regarding transit silos. Our experts will answer all your questions. We also provide consulting in the area of selecting silos to meet your expectations.