Breeding farm in Kołaczkowice

The ceremonial opening of a breeding farm for 750 sows in Kołaczkowice, Rawicz district, took place in April of 2017. The entire farm’s equipment was delivered by the POLNET company.

The farm’s target count is 750 sows, and during a year it should be able to breed even up to 4,5 thousand sows. The facility is entirely executed as beddingless: the mating sector and pregnant sow areas incorporate a concrete grid, while in delivery wards, a so called “full grid”, while the rearing area features a plastic grid. The delivery ward, apart from spaces for piglets heated using a water based floor system, features additional heater systems. The facility is also equipped with a technically advanced microclimate control system. Apart from mechanical ventilation and heating system the farm also features an air cooling system (using the misting method), which is intended to limit heat stress during winter months. Worthy of attention is also the facility’s central cleaning system, which significantly improves works associated with maintaining the cleanliness of interiors.

In the new facility animal feeding will take place using complete feed fodder types, which will be dispensed using feed troughs. We have also placed much emphasis on the issue of biosafety. This issue is especially important in the case of breeding farms. Therefore, the farm features sturdy facility fencing and an entry control system, among other measures.