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Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej
Feed silos from 8 to 30 t, ∅2.8m
Product description

The use of high-quality corrugated sheet assures the following:

  • increased structure resistance
  • resistance to corrosion
  • stable temperature of fodder inside the silo in any condition
  • easy and simple assembly thanks to precise manufacture of all workpieces
  • modern profiling technology

Comparing coatings after 6 years of use
Technical data
ModelDiameter [m] AVol. [m3]Fodder vol. [t]*No of legsBCDEFG

* conversion factor for fodder: 0.65 t/m3

The Producer reserves the right to make changes in the construction and parameters of the equipment on offer, relative to the range presented on the website and catalogs.

  • Feed silo is designed only for storage of feed in maximum density of up to 650kg/m3
  • Feed silo should be positioned and leveled so that all its legs have the same level of seating on foundation in relation to one reference point, with tolerance +/- 2mm
  • The legs of mounted silo should be precisely vertical and must be positioned in a polygon with equal sides and diagonals
  • The feed silo outlet after filling is reduced.The device mounted under the funnel (between funnel and the ground) cannot tightly fit in the space, but should have telescopic connections with minimum1 cm-pitch
  • Feed silos in standard version are designed to be mounted on strain gauges with a thick and rigid upper clamping plate
  • Feed silos in standard version are not designed to be mounted on spedition and bunker constructions, since their construction is not adjusted to dynamic, gravity unloading
  • Feed silos in standard version are designed for moderate climate zone with wind 30 m/s and snow 1,2 kN
  • Feed silos are adjusted to be mounted by lifting the assembled silo to vertical position, but only in case of using additional wood reinforcements or metal reinforcements of legs, described in Assembly Manual