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About Polnet

POLNET is a family company. It has been operating its business for over 30 years.

POLNET offers comprehensive furnishing of livestock buildings, comprehensive drying and storage facilities, as well as a broad assortment of veterinary medicine products.

Chronologically the first field of the company’s business was sale of livestock building equipment. From the outset the company constructed primarily automated feeding devices for animals. Over the years POLNET has successively developed its business, expanding its product portfolio.

Currently, veterinary medicine is the company’s most dynamically developing area. This business profile focusses not only on clinic furnishing and equipment sales, but also on building entire veterinary clinic facilities. Another POLNET company specialization is the fodder mixing department, and, in consequence, the silos department.


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Our fleet

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New head office

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Breeding farm in Kołaczkowice

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