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Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej

Feed silos

Feed silos are used in most livestock and agricultural farms, regardless of the size of the enterprise. They are aimed to store feed and various loose materials.
Shape of silos enables simple, quick and accurate unloading of its contents.

POLNET offers the highest quality feed silos, made of structural metal sheets with a high zinc coating (350g / m2), which protects the silos against corrosion. On the other hand, the corrugated sheets increase the strength of silos structure and protect from mechanical damages.

Silos structure meet the EUROCODE 3 standard. Our modern machinery park guarantees high precision of elements and, as a result, efficient assembly of the silos.

Wide range of feed silo capacities
POLNET offers wide range of silos diameters and many possible heights of silos, which constitute 25 different configurations available. It allows to adjust the size of silo to to the particular demands.

Available range of diameters of the feed silos is: 1.8 m; 2.1m; 2.5m; 2.8m; 3.5m. The range of offered capacities is from 2.7 up to 48 tons. This  is one of the largest ranges of available sizes of feed silos offered on the Polish market.

Our feed silos are equipped with a pneumatic filling set with a connection to the feed wagon, a ladder with a satfety cage, inspection windows, omega-shaped legs, a bottom hopper with an angle of 60 ยฐ and a discharge with a diameter of 440 mm, compatible with spiral, screw or chain-disc conveyors available on the market.

We offer the highest quality feed silos, short realisation times, efficient assembly and attractive prices. Over the years, our products have gained recognition not only on the domestic market, but also abroad. Our silos are appreciated by the largest companies offering comprehensive farm equipment around the world.

Grain silos

They are intended for long-term storage of grains, corn and legumes. They guarantee the preservation of high quality of stored materials for a long period of time.

Advantages of grain silos
One of the significant advantages of our silos is their durability. The tanks are made of corrugated structural sheet metal with a high zinc coating of 350g / mยฒ, which protects the tank against corrosion. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the silos are resistant to all weather conditions, and thanks to the corrugated structure of the walls, they are more resistant to mechanical damage.

Other advantages of POLNET grain silos include: a large assortment of types / funnel, flat, with an internal funnel /, a wide range of capacities offered, perfect tightness, an effective ventilation system, simple assembly, durability calculated in years and a favorable price.

In addition to grain silos, we also offer equipment for transport, cleaning and drying of grain. Comprehensive implementation may include a "turnkey" project from technical consultancy, through a technological, construction and executive design as well as investment construction, equipment assembly and after-sales service.

Cooperate with a recognized producer of grain silos!
The products we offer are created using the best materials, proven technology and modern production equipment that guarantees the precision of the elements made. Thanks to this, we have gained recognition among a wide group of recipients and our silos can be found in all corners of the world. As a professional manufacturer of grain silos, we provide not only individual pricing along with a favorable completion date, but also specialist service during the use of the investment.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and contact our sales representatives. We are at your disposal, we will be happy to answer any question and help you plan your investment effectively.

Feed mills

We offer 3 different types of mixers: oblique feed mixers, horizontal paddle mixers and horizontal ribbon mixers. All of them are made of durable materials with high abrasion resistance and hardness class. In addition, we use screws instead of rivets to connect the parts of the mixers, which also increases the durability and lifetime of these devices.

The Uni-Mix mixer is available in 3 capacities, i.e. 500, 1000 and 1500 kg, and provides a capacity of 1 to 4.5 t / h with a mixing time of 10-15 minutes. This allows even a small amount of feed to be thoroughly mixed, also with moist raw material, e.g. with molasses and fat.

The mixer is suitable for mixing almost any type of ground grain and thanks to the use of a large, slow-rotating screw agitator, it maintains the same structure of the feed. The drive of the mixer, depending on the model, is provided by an electric motor with a power from 2.2 to 5.5 kW, and the drive is transmitted through a belt, chain drive or gear motor. The oblique mixers are characterized by a quiet, efficient and vibration-free operation, so they can be successfully used when mounted on load sensors.

Devices in the category of horizontal paddle mixers are intended for operation in industrial conditions. They ensure the mixing time of a single batch of feed ranging from 1 to 3 minutes, as well as high mixing accuracy. PTS mixers are available with the capacity of from 2000 to 6000 l and provide a mixing capacity of a single batch from 15 to 45 t / h, with an engine power of 22-45 kW.

Model H-2000 is a batch mixer designed for mixing loose and granulated components, with the possibility of adding liquid ingredients, e.g. oil or molasses. The device ensures high efficiency and accuracy during the mixing process, which usually lasts from 8 to 12 minutes. In the standard version, the mixer has 2000l and a load. 1000 kg. The mixer has a solid, welded steel structure. Its cover is divided into 3 sections, with 4 inserts with a diameter of 150mm, there is also an inspection door through which it is possible to manually add solid components, while liquid components are added using nozzles located at the end of the mixer. Homogeneous mixing of the components is ensured by a double spiral ribbon and a cylindrical bottom, which also allows for optimal emptying of the mixer.


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