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Selfi Feeder

Feed for free-roaming gestating sows

A feeding solution for gestating sows in group with controlled access and feeding.

Asserva, with the Selffeeder, provides an alternative and innovative solution to manage the gestating sows feeding in group. Unlike ESF stations, the Selffeeder reduces waiting times, lowers stress and makes the sows easier to manage, static batch by static batch. With a lower cost and an easier mechanical system, the Selffeeder concept has 3 to 4 times more feeders than an ESF station.

The sow that is allowed to access to feeding enters one of the feeders and is directly isolated from the rest of the animals by an automatic back gate. A RFID antenna recognizes the animal electronic chip and distribute the feed, according to the feeding plan. The next measure will follow as soon as the level sensors will detect that the trough is empty, and so on, until the complete ingestion of the daily allowance. Distribution is adapted for each sow without any feed stolen or wasted.

  • Management
    The selffeeder manages individual sows
  • Performance
    Eliminates competition at feeding time
  • Economic
    Lower installation costs
  • Suitable
    It tailors portions to suit each sow
  • Simple
    The Selffeeder is easy to install with few moving parts
  • Optimized
    Optimized usage of space (-20%)
  • Wireless
    Selffeeder available to control and to check the system via smartphon or tablet
Gestating sows control
  • Wheeled feed dispenser & "Vita Dose"
    The wheeled feed dispenser runs on compressed air. There is no motor so very little maintenance. It is precise to 5g. The "VITA DOSE" feed dispenser comes with its own container and can dispense supplements for single sows (20g doses).
  • Feeding control
    The trough is ftted with TIT system (trough inspection technology). It dispenses the next dose of feed only if the previous dose has been eaten: no waste, clean troughs and less frequent cleaning required.
  • Better management with high-performance data base
    The system centralises all data from the central workstation, and shares information about the herd. Communication with the system is fast, straightforward, and comprehensive. It can be ftted with radio unit or smartphone.


The TIT® System

The TIT® System (Trough Inspection Technology) allows to control precisely the feed distribution and consumption. This unique process developped by Asserva it totaly adapts to the sows rhythm. With TIT System, no more feed wasted and troughs to clean !