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Drinking Systems LUBING nipple
Product features
  • impact resistant device, due to the very stable assembly flexibility
  • dry litter - the water does not spill and wastes
  • suitable distribution of water
  • space saving on the floor. Eliminates troublesome watering
  • system adapted to each water supply method (container or pressure reducer)
  • the stainless steel construction prevents the stone from settling
  • easy cleaning without the need to disassemble the drinking bowl. The whole assembled on a manual lift
  • space saving (no pipes hanging)
  • clean water - suitable hygienic conditions
  • easy watering (drinking bowl directed downwards)
Nipple elements

Watering the chicks - dispenser with a movable valve

Droplet feeder for chicks
Sprinkler for ducks
Pressure reducer starting installation
Control system terminating the installation
8-liter tank starting installation
Water container with all equipment