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Controllers PL-9500
Product description

PL-9500: BE in touch with your livestock!

Touch screen technology has developed incredibly quickly in recent years. This technology offers ever-more advanced possibilities and Stienen BE has translated these developments into the new PL-9500. This smart touchscreen management computer is designed to be the interactive heart of your modern poultry farm. The graphic display of temperature, water, feed, RH, weight and CO2 parameters gives you all the important management information you need at a glance. The crisp and modern user interface enables simple and transparent adjusting, monitoring and controlling of all the vital processes in your poultry house. A revolutionary feature is the use of two processors instead of one to ensure ultra-fast and reliable operation.

Product features

The next generation poultry management computer

Clever design for optimum ease of use

  • Automatic conversion of house data into clear and transparent management overviews
  • Dual processor:
    - ultra-fast on-screen presentation and direct display of data
    - extra reliability
  • Large 12" touchscreen
  • Universal user interface with clear icons and text
  • Can be programmed in any language
  • Management overview and shortcuts can be configured to your preference
  • 3D house overview with measurement values
  • USB port for updating and logging
  • Option of combination with FarmConnect for access to, and controlling of, the house and the house data from anywhere 24/7
  • Prepared for RFID and Mobile Remote Access
Technical specifications


  • 230Vac - 50/60Hz supply voltage
  • 48 VA load
  • protection category: IP-54
  • dimensions: 370 x 320 x 160mm


  • 10 temperature sensors
  • 5 pulse inputs for counters, measering fans etc.
  • 4 inputs 0-10Vdc for RH sensor, pressure sensor, etc.


  • 7 relay outputs 230Vac/2A
  • 8 outputs 0-10Vdc
  • 1 power supply 24Vdc/80mA for 1 AQC-unit
  • 1 power supply 12Vdc/15mA for measuring fans
  • 1 error contact 24Vdc/2A


  • communication via RS-485 PCB
  • 3 module-bus connections for communication with external modules
  • 1 FN bus connection