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Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej

Grai storage and drying base around Wysokie Mazowieckie

| The capacity of the tanks is approx. 10,000 tons

| FLAT BOTTOM CEREAL SILOS 10 pcs - SPP 960-20 with a capacity of 1,000 t each, made of structural corrugated sheet S350 with a thick zinc coating 350g / m2 I SLP 400-5 freight forwarding silo with a roof ladder

| Each silo is equipped with a scraping and circulating screw for cereals

| DRUM CLEANING ROOM with a capacity of 130 t / h

| CHAIN CONVEYOR for the receiving hopper with a capacity of 80t / h with a capacity regulator using an inverter

| CHAIN CONVEYORS and BUBBLE LIFTS made in industrial technology with a capacity of 80t / h I BELT CONVEYOR PAS30 | RECEIVING BASKET with rear and side unloading

| GRATE ON ACCEPTANCE BASKET - heavy type - overrun 4mx12m

| CONTROL CABINET with a touch panel with wiring of the facility and automatic control (SMS notification, safety switch at the basket)

| LIGHTING of the facility 20 led lamps